Creative Wellness on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Divine Flow is a boutique yoga studio nestled in the heart of the Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Founders Eliza and Andrew, husband and wife duo, started the studio in 2016 and have been working together since with their shared passion of yoga, meditation, beach lifestyle and community. They continue to evolve and explore the many ways they can bring the Divine Flow community through the practice of yoga, whilst ensuring they do not stray from their combined love of nature and outdoor adventure through the art of yoga and meditation.



What was your vision when you first started your journey with Divine Flow? 

Divine Flow started as a hobby teaching family and friends in a home styled studio. As the passion grew larger I set out to create a space where the wider community was welcomed, a space for a student to fill them self up, to be soft and learn how to come home to the body. My vision when I first started growing Divine Flow in 2016 was to set up this practice so it could become a lifestyle for my future self and family. Fast forward to 2019, husband, wife and founders, Andrew and I are still evolving our shared vision for yoga, meditation, lifestyle, adventure and community. With a new studio on the cusp our vision for our new space is to be present with the community, sharing our combined love for adventure and nature we now want to brand our yoga studio is a lifestyle. A way of living and a way of dreaming whilst being apart of something. Something we like to think is pretty special.

Yoga is so deeply rooted in wellness today, what do you think are the most important benefits? 

I can only speak to my personal experience and for me the most important benefit is the attitude to overcome. Carving out the time is an important practice in itself, we live in a fast paced society, and what yoga offers is the invitation to come home to the body and breath consciously. Whilst there are major physical and anatomical benefits such as toning, firming, lengthening and many more, the most important benefits for me are the mental clarity of being present and having the ability to let go of the nitty gritty things that are not worth my emotional energy. 



Do you think yoga can unlock creativity? 

Absolutely! They say a yin practice or savasana itself can be some of your most creative moments. My belief is that because we are literally slowing down by practising yoga and use our breath to funnel out an accumulated amount of tension and stress can open us up to brighter, creative and insightful thoughts. 

You often hold outdoor classes, how do you think being in an incredible beachside location impacts your yoga community?  

Andrew and I are often taking our shoes off to walk barefoot on the grass or sand, it’s like an instant remedy! To be able to share this within our group classes becomes infectious. Our students love it and we think it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the beaches and shaded parks right on our doorstep! Or the best part is seeing the dudes roll in for yin post surf or walk out of a vinyasa all warmed up and ready to go for a post-yoga surf. I must admit one of my favourite locations I have taught has been in the Maldives on top of a circular wharf while listening to the gentle wash of the ocean and breeze. Sometimes if not always, nature can provide the most amazing playlists! 



You say that Divine Flow is about a lifestyle choice, how so? 

We have taken what we think modern yoga is about, which is then captured by our lifestyle approach. To come together incorporating a slice of adventure, balance, movement, community, rest, connection and sparking room for growth we believe that choosing to carve out the time to fill up energetically and spiritually is a creating a vibrant lifestyle choice that is reflective of our DF vision. Moving more of our focus into our community and having each one of our student feel apart of something that is authentic is one of our biggest passions. We choose to live the DF lifestyle 😉 

Tell us about your new studio and how the design will change Divine Flow for the better. 

We are on the cusp of starting our major renovations of our new yoga space and we are just bubbling with excitement as this has taken us months and months of planning! Andrew has completely managed the architectural design of the studio, I have worked on the interiors to create an abode that is warm and down to earth. After our honeymoon to Hawaii in 2018 we fell in love with the saying ‘Ohana’ family. We want our new studio to make people feel at home. The studio is much bigger (over double the size) so we will be able to accomodate more yogis coming into our classes with new features like showers, membership benefits, and discounts to our local friends in the community. And not to mention an expanding timetable and team will guarantee some great changes for our current yogis whilst we welcome in our new friends.  



Wild Minded x Divine Flow.

‘For the past year and a half we have been fortunate to have Kylie working within the DF team as our Marketing & Creative Manager bringing the Divine Flow vision to life. During this time Kylie has continued to not only impress us but support us in many ways creatively and strategically. Essentially Kylie has played a major part in the growth of our business by constantly improving our online presence. Kylie works endlessly in making sure that nothing is left undone. Being a proactive professional and creative means Kylie can take care of the areas of our business that do not fall within our strengths. Kylie is passionate and cares about understanding our business, which makes working with Kylie so easy and effortless. We are looking forward to working on yet another major online development with our big move to our brand new studio in the coming month. Having our marketing plan executed in the coming weeks will be yet another accomplishment of Kylie’s within her role with us at Divine Flow. We highly recommend working with Kylie, if you are given the opportunity, take it.’ – Eliza Hayward, DF Founder 

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